At the end of the day you should know you have a partner
who is committed to keeping your business on track.

AEL gives customers the financial freedom and resources to drive near and long-term initiatives that foster real growth in a company.


  • AEL leases any and all equipment, regardless of brand or number of vendors under one lease.
  • We utilize flexible payment structures for improved budget management.
  • Being an independent lessor allows us to give you greater flexibility and more diverse offerings.
  • Our direct investor profile delivers YOU significantly lower payments.
  • Progress Payments (Vendor Pre-Funding) – AEL provides this key option for Lessees whose vendors require up to 100% of the equipment selling price prior to delivery.
    • Most leases are designed to fund equipment vendors immediately after the equipment has been installed and working. Some vendors, however, require that specially ordered or manufactured-to-order equipment be paid in phases. These stages can include small up-front payments, order-confirmation deposits, multiple “progress payments” as the order nears the shipping phase, and even full-prepayments.
    • AEL can handle, accommodate and expedite most any equipment vendor’s pre-payment conditions with the Lessee’s approval.
Why AEL?



(“Sum” things you should know!)

Leasing provides capital strength today so you can build for tomorrow.
Don’t pay full price for assets on the front end when you can pay across the useful life of the asset.

Leasing may provide tax benefits
depending on a company’s tax position (a lower after tax financing cost compared to purchasing with cash).

Leasing may enable lessees to qualify for off balance sheet accounting treatment.

Leasing expenses can be tailored to match revenue generated by the asset.


(Be current, be compliant, be bold,
and move ahead!)

Leasing reduces technology obsolescence risk.
By using the AEL built-in refresh leasing strategy a company can use the equipment for a shorter period of time and upgrade to new technology at any time during the lease.

Leasing controls disposal issues.
By following AEL’s user friendly equipment return plan, EPA and data disposal rules and guidelines can be followed and easily managed.

Match lease term to equipment warranty.
You should not be making payments for equipment that is out of warranty.

Lease Terms typically 2-8 years depending on the equipment’s useful life.


(Let’s find the right fit!)

Capital Leases
Typically fixed to provide customer with ownership at the end for a dollar buyout amount with tax benefits of ownership & depreciation.

Operating Leases
For customers that regularly upgrade or return equipment. Lease may be treated as an operating expense. Shorter terms fixed to meet cash flow needs.

True Leases
Tax deductible lease payments, provide flexibility to purchase at fair market value, renew or return.

Equipment Finance Agreement
Customer owns equipment, fixed payments to cover equipment cost with no end of term payments.

Installment Payment Agreement
Simple document for software/license financing.

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