Benefits of AEL as your Lease Finance Partner

Increase Profits and Sales
  • Since it’s simpler to sell monthly payments rather than the full cash price of the equipment, AEL Financial will sell the lease/finance alternative to your customer for you.
  • Monthly payments are more affordable to your customers to offset their cash-flow obstacles.
  • Bundle Hardware, software and services into one monthly payment.
  • Shortens the selling cycle by having a financing solution in place to offer your customer.
Provide Finance Options with Your Initial Customer Proposal
  • By promoting financing options, you have provided your customer with a TOTAL solution and one-stop shopping.
Minimize Credit
and Receivables Risk
  • Receive immediate payment from AEL Financial upon delivery of equipment.
  • Eliminate the need to offer extended payment terms to your customers.
  • Decrease your internal cost of managing accounts receivables.
  • Let AEL qualify the customer and take on the credit exposure.
Get Your Invoices Paid Up Front
  • Progress Payments (Vendor Pre-Funding) – AEL provides this specialized service for vendors who require up to 100% of the equipment selling price prior to delivery.
    • AEL can handle, accommodate and expedite most any equipment vendor’s pre-payment conditions.
Build Repeat Business and Retain Customer Control
  • Upgrades can be financed and equipment can be substituted during the lease term.
  • No penalties would be imposed for add-ons or changes to your customer’s lease.

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