“Our goal is to build mutually beneficial partnerships
with our vendors for the long term.”

(Okay, that sounds great, but HOW DO WE DO IT?)


  • unparalleled leasing and financing programs to increase business, minimize risk and manage transaction efficiency
  • custom-designed lease financing programs, acting, in essence, as a captive finance company for the vendor

We offer personalized financial assistance from a trusted advisor who gets to know YOUR business so we can help you get to it. If you are not offering lease financing to your customers, someone else is.

AEL Vendor Financing in a Nutshell

Our platform allows vendor partners to manage their entire sales finance process on a national basis without having to build an infrastructure and invest capital. It offers one-stop shopping, boosts profit margins and closes sales faster.

AEL offers leasing and sales training as part of the program implementation.

  • provides ongoing training and support in person at your location or by Webinar or Video Teleconferencing

“Our training will help you close deals!”