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About AEL Financial

AEL Financial is an independent leasing investor that provides capital for equipment-based transactions and portfolios. Since our inception in 2001, we have completed in excess of $1 billion in such transactions and have ranked among the fastest growing companies in the industry. As an investor in each transaction, we can handle all aspects of a project, including equipment, soft costs, software, progress payment financing and related acquisition costs.

Financing vs. Cash

How will you use or apply your equipment purchases within your company? Are you planning to grow your business? Are these purchases for revenue producing assets? If so, instead of applying all that cash to make one revenue producing asset purchase, finance it and allow the capability to add two or more additional assets, yet maintain one affordable monthly payment. More assets most likely will contribute to increased revenues which ultimately contribute to your bottom line. Or, consider buying a newer or more efficient asset that has a longer, lower maintenance life cycle with added production power. More assets and more efficient application all contribute to more revenue & increased profits.

Financing offers life cycle management: Acquire, Finance, Manage, Dispose, Refresh. Let us explain these life cycles and help you identify which assets can benefit from employing an asset management strategy. Discuss budgets with asset class operations managers, maintenance expenses, disposal techniques and secondary market strategies.

AEL Financial is here to help you get the most benefit through financing your capital expenditures that will ultimately contribute to the continued growth and success of your business.